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Parents ● Athletes ● Coaches ● TEAM

Helping to foster a trusting, supportive, and respectful environment among coaches, parents, and student athletes, enabling coaches to lead skillfully, parents to offer support prudently, players to thrive, and all to advance shared goals.

What we do

We provide education designed to support the mental health of high school, club and collegiate athletes by focusing on the player, parent, coach triangle. We offer workshops and presentations designed to:

  • Equip parents with knowledge and skills to support their athlete in ways that are aligned with coach, team, and program goals in order maximize an athlete's opportunities.
  • Help athletes and their parents manage the stress of the recruiting process and the transition to collegiate athletics.
  • Support teams and clubs by helping coaches, their players, and their parents, work together toward shared goals, including player wellness and team success. 
  • Provide athletes with knowledge, skills and resources, empowering them to create their own success.


A La Carte Workshops for Athletes & Parents

All workshops are 90 minutes, include a Q&A session, and can be offered within clubs or teams, at tournaments, or at camps and clinics.  Workshops can be offered through athletic departments, as well.

  • Making the Most of Your College Recruiting Experience

    • Values-Based Goal Setting
    • Managing Performance Stress
    • Precise & Direct Communication

  • Preparing for Life as a Collegiate Athlete

    • Broadening Perspective and Timelines
    • Optimizing Opportunities for Success
    • Strategies for Dealing with Tough Situations

  • How to Support Your Child Through the College Recruiting Process

    • Establishing Boundaries & Communicating Productively
    • Fostering Independence
    • Navigating Emotions

  • How to Support Your Child’s Transition to Collegiate Athletics

    • Identifying Opportunities for Growth
    • Balancing Competing Priorities
    • Navigating Relationships

Club Package - Leveraging Relationships for Success

Create a more cohesive and successful club by bringing the goals of the coaches, players and parents into alignment.

  • Coaches meeting(s) to identify program goals and obstacles

  • Customized workshop for athletes focused on player development and club goals

  • Customized parent presentation focused on supporting player success

  • Debrief meeting with coaches to identify applicable leadership and communication strategies. Will include a written report with recommendations based on feedback from all parties.

** Player & parent sessions to be offered on multiple days/times. Maximum attendance per session is 24 if virtual or 35 in person. 

College Package - Building Alliances to Cultivate a Team Mindset

Optimize your team’s success by using strategic communication to maximize the alignment of coach, player and parent goals.

  • Pre-season session with coaching team to identify goals and potential obstacles

  • Planning session with coaching team including customized recommendations for parent and player pre-season communications

  • “Preparing for Life as a Collegiate Athlete” workshop for players

  • “How to Support Your Child’s Transition to Collegiate Athletics” workshop for parents

  • Follow-up session with coaching team to provide further recommendations, based on feedback from players & parents.



Kimberly Morrison is a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) & Mindful Performance Enhancement Awareness & Knowledge (mPEAK) teacher who works with high school and NCAA athletes to cultivate resilience and enhance performance, such that they meet their full potential -- all while supporting their mental health. She is also a certified Mindful Outdoor Leadership Guide, trained in Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and yoga. She has coached youth sports for 18 years, including High School and Club Field Hockey.


Jenn Gruber is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) recognized by the International Coaching Federation as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). With designations as a Life Coaching & Transitions Specialist and a Performance Dynamics Specialist, Jenn partners with clients to help them gain clarity on their goals and supports them in creating and executing actionable plans, allowing them to find greater connection and more joy in their lives. She served as the director of a non-profit youth sports organization for seven years and is recognized as a Certified Youth Sports Administrator (CYSA).

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